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Civil society groups at UN climate talks, Bonn. Photo: Alejandra Watanabe/WWF

Oxfam joined civil society organizations from around the world to demand the member governments of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) take decisive action urgently on climate change.

Press Release

A new study for Oxfam reveals that developing countries are pledging to cut their emissions of greenhouse gases by more than developed countries. Oxfam estimates that over 60 per cent of emissions cuts by 2020 are likely to be made by developing countries.


A review and recommendations by Dr. Cobus de Swardt, after an Oxfam staff member was passively involved in an incident at the UNFCCC Intersessional meeting in Bonn, June 2010. Oxfam’s management response is also included.

Press Release

International agency Oxfam has apologized to the Government of Saudi Arabia and to the Bureau, secretariat and members of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for an offensive incident that occurred at a meeting in Bonn in June.

Press Release
This large circular dike in Mali was constructed to retain water during the rainy season so that the ground could be more easily cultivated. However the rain never came. Credit: Dave Clark/Oxfam

Rich countries' inertia is sabotaging a climate deal and abandoning millions of the worlds poorest people to a desperate future said Oxfam on the final day of international climate talks in Bonn today.

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