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People fleeing floods in India, August 2012. Photo: Oxfam

Today, the world’s top scientists published a devastating report on the impacts of climate change. These activists, renowned chefs, musicians and celebrities have joined Oxfam calling for action on climate change and hunger now.

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Reacting to the announcement that World Bank President Robert Zoellick will step down at the end of his term on June 30th, a global coalition of campaigners has called for an open and merit-based process to elect the next World Bank leader, and for developing countries to determine the selection.

Women clapping. Photo: Oxfam

Help create a GROWing movement for change. Read on to find out about all the ways in which you can support GROW – starting right now.

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International aid agency Oxfam joined voices from around the world today to congratulate Colin Firth, a global ambassador for the charity, on his outstanding successes at this season’s award ceremonies.

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Oxfam campaigners and a group of 'lifesavers' turned up to a meeting of the International Maritime Organization to let delegates know that they could save lives by taking a critical role in tackling climate change.

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Some of our best pictures of the Oxfam/UCODEP Big Head stunts during the 2009 G8 Summit in L'Aquila, Italy.

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