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Women from Nasapir village, Karamoja, Uganda. Photo: Carloine Gluck/Oxfam

Our vision is a just world without poverty. In our fourth strategic plan, we set out an integrated approach to tackle poverty by addressing its complex and interrelated causes.

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On 2 April 2013, history was made at the UN as countries agree for the first time that the global arms trade must be brought under control.

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Oxfam campaigners across the world ‘grabbed’ famous landmarks on 7 February, to raise awareness about the impact of land grabs. Browse and share these images and get the World Bank to take action, now.

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House burned down in Guatemala.

Investors are targeting the world’s weakest-governed countries to buy land, according to new analysis published by Oxfam to mark today’s international day of action on land grabs.

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The UN Climate Change Conference in South Africa, COP17, has come to a close but the battle against climate change continues. In this film we look at the outcomes from Durban and the broader issues around getting a global climate deal to keep warming below two degrees.

Bill Nighy talks and jokes in front of the blackboard with children in Tanzania.
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