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Establishing a new Global Climate Fund that is fair, accessible and accountable, and agreeing on a pathway for a binding agreement, are essential building blocks that must be achieved in Cancun.

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Oxfam Senior Climate Change Advisor, Kelly Dent, updates from the UN Climate talks in Tianjin, China, on what Oxfam is expecting out of the Tianjin meeting, do we think there will be a Fair, Ambitious and Binding (FAB) deal in Cancun in December, and why a global climate fund is important.

Press Release
Shorbanu Khatun, a mother of four from Bangladesh who lost her home when cyclone Aila hit in May 2009. Credit: Oxfam

$200bn could mean the difference between success and failure in Copenhagen, as the UN climate summit begins in the city today. The Summit marks the culmination of two years of international negotiations on a deal to prevent catastrophic climate change.

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