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Emergency Article
Credit: Irina Fuhrmann/Oxfam

According to a survey carried out by Oxfam, 55% of the families in the Abou Deia region, in Chad, have had to get into debt and close to 20% have been obliged to reduce their daily intake of food, because a food crisis caused by extreme weather.

Campaign article
Yema Gharti. Credit: Tom Pietrasik/Oxfam

Yema, 39, lives alone with her son, in Nepal. When her husband left them 16 years ago, she had to struggle to find food and to survive on her own. Despite these difficulties, she has been able to pay for the education of her son and has worked hard to secure their future.


A review and recommendations by Dr. Cobus de Swardt, after an Oxfam staff member was passively involved in an incident at the UNFCCC Intersessional meeting in Bonn, June 2010. Oxfam’s management response is also included.

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Oxfam's Adam Askew assesses the progress towards the Millennium Development goals, and explains what needs to be done to rescue the MDGs.

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