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World leaders with "big heads" present the menu for Copenhagen: no deal or bad deal. Credit: Pablo Tosco/Intermón Oxfam

Oxfam today warned that EU countries must cut themselves loose from the US or risk losing a groundbreaking climate deal that has been two years in the making. A fair and safe deal can be struck in Copenhagen this year, but world leaders cannot wait for the US to play catch-up.

Press Release
Miniature migrant climate camp set up in Brussels (and in other EU capitals) as Oxfam reminds EU heads of state what is at stake if they fail to provide new money for poor communities to protect themselves from climate change. Credit: Oxfam

Oxfam called on the US to join Europe in laying its climate finance cards on the table as international climate talks opened in Barcelona today.

Press Release

International climate talks (in Bonn, Germany 1 – 12 June) must ensure that a climate finance proposal meets the needs of the world’s most vulnerable countries, and negotiations must move forward quickly if a global deal is to be secured in time to avoid a human catastrophe.

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