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From East Africa to Japan, from Ivory Coast to Pakistan, the year 2011 has been marked by tragic disasters and crises, which seriously hit the most vulnerable people. Oxfam has responded to these crises, with both emergency and long-term programs, and launched a new global campaign, GROW.

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Helena Christensen photographing Mez at Kakuma. Photo: Drew Doggett/Oxfam

Just hours before the UN climate talks taking place in Durban (South Africa) wrap up, Oxfam Global Ambassador and photographer Helena Christensen urges ministers to agree a deal which delivers for the world’s poorest people who are already suffering from the impact of climate change.

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Oxfam organized a dinner party in the sea at COP 17 in Durban to provide a stark illustration of the effects that extreme weather will have on our already creaking food system.

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At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa, the global shipping industry, Oxfam and WWF have joined forces to suggest to governments how the further reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping might best be regulated.

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