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Unemployment forces peoeple to cut wood from the Sundarbans. Photo: Oxfam

A massive cyclone which hit Bangladesh in May 2009 is still having a devastating effect on the lives of many people in the country three years after the event.

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Cyclone Aila swept across southern Bangladesh and eastern India on 25 May 2009, causing widespread damage. One year later, communities are still waiting for damaged embankments to be rebuilt so that they can return to their homes.

Cyclone Aila hit the Bangladesh/India border. Credit: Mahmud/Oxfam

Cyclone Aila hit the Bangladesh / India border on Monday 25 May 2009 causing widespread destruction. Millions are thought to have been affected.

Press Release
A Bangladeshi family escape flood waters after the cyclone Aila hit in the south-west parts at Harinagar, Satkhira, Bangladesh 28 May 2009. More than 100 people died and most of the homes, crop fields and cattle were washed away. Credit: Abir Abdullah/EPA

Cyclone survivors in Bangladesh are now facing a severe risk of disease as the supply of safe drinking water is reaching crisis levels. Cyclone Aila hit the coast of Bangladesh on 25 May, affecting 3.6m people and leaving over 750,000 people homeless.

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