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Oxfam response in Sindh province, Pakistan, 2010. Photo: Matloob Ali/Oxfam

Oxfam is calling for more investment to go into preparing people for floods and other disasters in Pakistan as it marks its 40th year of working in the country this week.

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Oxfam India will provide water, sanitation and shelter to initially 60,000 people affected by Cyclone Phailin. Kudos to India for quick and decisive early warning actions to save lives, having moved nearly a million people into temporary shelters.


With the help of EU funding and partners from Cuba and Spain, this project has introduced new sustainable methods of production, increased food production, and boosted the resilience of local communities to natural disasters.

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Pakistan’s education system is at breaking point: at least seven million children are not in primary school. To help, our girls’ education program is constructing model schools.

Press Release
Drainage channel, Sanghar District, Pakistan. Credit: Jane Beesley/Oxfam

Hundreds of thousands of people affected by Pakistan’s 2012 floods disaster still need urgent help both to meet their immediate needs and to rebuild their homes and livelihoods.

Photo: Tineke D'Haese/Oxfam

Natural disasters happen in Laos, especially during the monsoon. Damages caused by flooding and landslides can be devastating for vulnerable communities. In partnership with the National Disaster Management Office, Oxfam strengthens vulnerable communities to improve their disaster preparedness and strengthen institutional disaster management systems.

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