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In a briefing note on mining agreements between AREVA and Niger, Oxfam and ROTAB, both members of the "Publish What You Pay" coalition, denounced the secrecy and pressure surrounding the negotiations.

Press Release
Oxfam's "Big Heads", G20, Los Cabos, June 2012. Credit: Oxfam

The G20 leading economies have sidelined development and food security at their summit in Los Cabos.

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Press Release
Songoi at his preschool in Noomunye, Ngorongoro, Tanzania. Credit: Geoff Sayer/Oxfam

As the UN Financing for Development conference drew to a close in Doha today, Oxfam International warned that it had highlighted fundamental splits over how to respond to the global financial crisis, while failing to make the concrete progress that poor countries were promised.

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