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The G20 must scrap their most damaging biofuel policies and demand more open information about food stocks as part of urgent measures needed to tackle global food price volatility.

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There are some problems so big and so entrenched it is easy to believe they will never be solved. Hunger is one of these problems. Yet there is no problem so great it cannot be solved.

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Today, hundreds of millions of people don't get enough food to eat. Using examples from India we find out the reasons why we all need to fix the system which supplies the world with food, and the changes that can be made to ensure everyone has enough to eat.

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The international development agency said global food prices will more than double within 20 years as a new age of crisis forces the collapse of our broken global food system, said Oxfam today.


Desperate to fix the broken food system? Got a burning question about Oxfam’s GROW campaign? Then find out the answer here in our FAQs.

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