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A broken food system and environmental crises are now reversing decades of progress against hunger according to new Oxfam analysis. Tomorrow, Oxfam launches a new global campaign to ensure everyone has enough to eat always.

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In their Deauville Accountability Report, the G8 has massaged the figures, claiming to have delivered almost US$49 billion of the promised $50 billion. But according to the OECD, responsible for measuring the official aid figures, the G8 have delivered just $31 billion.

Sorn Ken using a mechanical weeder. Credit: Chris Hufstader/Oxfam America

A new weeding tool for Cambodian rice farmers combined with innovative growing techniques leads to harvests double in size.

Juan Carlos Fernández Ardaya, Guayaramerín, Bolivia. Photo: Susana Arroyo/Oxfam

A few years ago, Juan had no land to farm, but now he works on 7 acres with others involved in the Agroforestry Farmers' Association of the Amazon Region of Bolivia. Now the community wants to diversify and improve their production.

Campaign article
Yema Gharti. Credit: Tom Pietrasik/Oxfam

Yema, 39, lives alone with her son, in Nepal. When her husband left them 16 years ago, she had to struggle to find food and to survive on her own. Despite these difficulties, she has been able to pay for the education of her son and has worked hard to secure their future.

Press Release

Given the rapid expansion and recurrence of the food crises in West Africa and the inadequate responses of policy makers and other actors, Oxfam and Bilital Maroobe say it is necessary to rethink the strategies to implement in order to respond to these recurring disasters.

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