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Read how 'good aid' reduces malaria deaths in Zambia, increases harvests in Malawi, and reduces poverty in Mexico.

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Food distribution in Jacmel, Haiti. Credit: Oxfam

10,000 food kits with local agricultural products have been distributed in many Haitian cities. Oxfam favors this approach in order to encourage local production, which is key to the revitalization of the economy.

Valerio watches his lagoons drying up. Credit: Paula Plaza/Christian Aid

Climate change is causing glaciers to melt all over the world. Their disappearance is a serious threat to the viability of crops and the livelihood of agricultural communities.

A wheel pump in Cambodia. Credit: Prom Vihear Thor

While Cambodia has lots of fresh water during the rainy season, many rural people have to walk far to find clean water during the dry season. Oxfam is assisting local NGOs providing pumps and water filters.

Fields overgrown with flor de muerto in Guatemala. Photo: James Rodriguez/Oxfam

In Baja Verapaz Oxfam and local partners are helping small farmers cope with a food crisis that could have been prevented.

Coffee Ceremony in Werka, Yirgacheffe. Credit: Oxfam

Oxfam invests in eco-friendly coffee processing, and helps farmers grow a world-class crop.

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The Sensunapan River near Acajutla. Photo: Luis Galdámez/Oxfam

We're working with a consortium of local aid groups to petition the Salvadoran government to fund the construction of a levee system that would protect communities along the banks of the Sensunapan River.

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Farmers try to plant through the ongoing drought. Credit: James Akena/OXFAM.

Shifting seasons are destroying harvests and causing widespread hunger – but this is just one of the ways climate change is taking a toll on the world’s poorest people. Here are some examples of the effects of climate change in developing countries.

Coffee farmer Gemede Robe.

Aware of Starbucks’ status as a global brand interested in maintaining its socially responsible reputation, Oxfam used grassroots activism and strategic media to draw attention to the issue. Now, Ethiopian farmers coaxed a groundbreaking agreement out of Starbucks.

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Mr Neang Veach pulls rice seedlings, Cambodia. Credit: Jim Holmes/Oxfam

Rising food prices cause riots in different countries; biofuel crops are competing for land with food crops; the risk of widespread hunger is increasing across the world. Why is this happening?

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