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Photo: Maria Daniel, a female cocoa farmer in Nigeria. George Osodi/Panos

An investigation into four countries where Mars, Mondelez and Nestle purchase cocoa has shown that many women farmers face discrimination, unequal pay and hunger, leaving the companies’ social policies exposed as weak and needing work.

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'Farmers feed us... but who's feeding the farmers?' This is an outcry of GROW campaign members for a recognition of the role and the potential of family farms.

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In March of 2011, 769 campesino families were forcibly kicked out of the Polochic Valley. They want the return of the land they have lived on and farmed for generations. Please help us support these 769 families to get their land back! Help us to stop land grabbing.

Press Release
House burned down in Guatemala.

Investors are targeting the world’s weakest-governed countries to buy land, according to new analysis published by Oxfam to mark today’s international day of action on land grabs.

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