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Emergency Article
Dry ration packets being prepared by Oxfam partners. Photo: Sam Spickett/Oxfam

Oxfam India has reached 16,500 people with food, working with its partners in Balasore, Ganjam and Puri districts of Odisha. Distribution of emergency shelkter items will begin soon.

Press Release
Woman milking a cow near Gujarat, India, in 1946. Credit: Oxfam

Oxfam India’s CEO Nisha Agrawal is in the UK this week to mark 60 years of Oxfam working in India, responding to emergencies and helping to pull millions of people out of poverty.

Press Release
Sumberged huts, Assam. Photo: Oxfam

The people of Assam are facing two disasters, creating one of the worst humanitarian crises in the last decade. The most severe floods in the past 14 years have affected around two million people across 27 districts of Assam, while ethnic tensions have displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

Press Release

Following a rapid assessment, Oxfam India is responding to unprecedented floods which have affected 2.4 million people and displaced half a million people so far in Assam.

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