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From the historic Arms Trade Treaty to convincing big companies to act to stop land grabs to responding to the devastating super typhoon Haiyan and the Syria humanitarian crisis, 2013 was not an ordinary year for Oxfam and our supporters.

From Bamako to Tacloban, find out what Oxfam did in 2013.

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Photographer Nick Stern recreates Banksy image.

Iconic artwork by graffiti artist Banksy has come to life to support an Oxfam campaign to regulate the weapons trade which kills one person every minute.

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Elisabeth Akauimon Amodoi, 48, in Turkana, Kenya. Photo:Helena Christensen/Oxfam

Oxfam Global Ambassador and photographer Helena Christensen today published a booklet of her photographs which she is sending to government officials and heads of state attending next week’s UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20).

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Photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg traveled to Turkana, Kenya with Oxfam to take photographs using moonlight supplemented with artificial lighting, showing snapshots of everyday life of communities who try to cope with drought.

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A stunning new exhibition – From Congo with Love – by renowned fashion photographer Rankin captures the lives of families fleeing violence in war-torn DR Congo. Share the love now and add your image to our photo petition.

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