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Campaigners called on EU Finance Ministers to recognize the merits of an Europea

A broad coalition of NGOs, political organizations and trade unions today (7 September), called on EU Finance Ministers to recognize the merits of an European-wide Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), particularly as austerity measures begin to be felt throughout the EU.

Press Release
Oxfam and TckTckTck welcomed delegates to the June Bonn Climate Change Talks by fending off offers of sharky loans for climate adaptation funding. Credit: Paul Horsman/Global Campaign for Climate Action

A global bank tax to help poor countries survive the economic crisis must be urgently agreed, Oxfam said today ahead of the G20 meeting of finance ministers in Busan, South Korea.

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The fact that the IMF is proposing that adaptation efforts are funded by grants rather than loans is positive. But this will only work if developed countries ensure the money is there to resource this vital assistance to vulnerable countries.

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Around the world, momentum is building behind a tiny tax on bankers that could generate billions of dollars to help ordinary people and fight poverty and climate change around the world. Join the fight and sign the Robin Hood Tax petition now.

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