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Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed in 2005, yet southern Sudan remains one of the poorest regions on earth. These images show a people still hoping peace will bring economic benefits and development.

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In late July 2009, Oxfam documented the lives of three families in Gaza affected by the Israeli war and ongoing blockade.

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Looking out to his destroyed farmland, Nafez continues, ‘I only pray that the borders will be open so that we can get what we need to rebuild our farm and earn an income.Credit: Mohammed Ali/Oxfam

The international community has betrayed the people of Gaza by failing to back their words with effective action to secure the ending of the Israeli blockade which is preventing reconstruction and recovery.

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The local Doctor in the Tiny village of Anjuman examines a 2 week old baby. The clinic was built by a French NGO. Up here there is no support from the ISAF for medical supplies. Afghanistan. Credit: Travis Beard/ Argus

Ordinary Afghans blame government weakness and corruption as the second most important factor behind the fighting, with the Taliban coming third, followed by interference by neighboring countries.

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The past three decades of war and disorder have had a devastating impact on the Afghan people. Here is their story.

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The Security Council has today reaffirmed its readiness and willingness to respond to situations where civilians are being targeted or humanitarian assistance is being obstructed.

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Children attending school beneath a tree. A project funded by Oxfam America and implemented by an Oxfam partner (DACAR) in Shamali (north Kabul). Credit: Kenny Rae/Oxfam

The new Afghan government must urgently devote greater resources to building up to 6,000 new schools, training upwards of 5,000 new midwives and professionalizing the police force, according to aid agencies working throughout Afghanistan.

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The crisis in Congo is often known as the ‘forgotten conflict’, yet it is a war that has killed over 5 million people. We have an opportunity to show the UN, and the world, that the killing must stop. Sign our Crisis in Congo petition now.

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