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African farmer. Photo: Oxfam

In 2003, African leaders pledged to invest more in agriculture - eight of them did, but 46 have not kept their promises. 2014 is the African Union Year of Agriculture, so let’s come together and tell them to act.

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In My Place Film submissions mosaic

A pioneering new film featuring thousands of Coldplay fans and others, including actor Dominic Cooper and rock band Wolf Gang, launched today by Oxfam to highlight the injustice of land grabs.

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Beatrice Quayee holds rice ready for planting, Liberia. Photo: Kieran Doherty

The UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) has delivered solid guidance and important recommendations that governments must now follow through with action.

Rice farmer, Laos. Photo : Oxfam

With 13,000 known varieties of rice, Laos is only second to India when it comes to diversity in this staple food. By exploiting this natural resource, smallholders play a crucial role in preserving genetic wealth.


In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Oxfam's work combines short-term emergency relief with longer-term development projects. These photos show a part of our wide range of activities in eastern DRC, including: livelihoods programs; support for small-scale farmers; water, sanitation and health; and, training for women's committees.

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