World Tax Summit

Corporate tax dodging drives poverty and inequality. It sucks billions out of countries across the world, contributing to the growing gap between rich and poor. But people in the poorest countries are hit the hardest. They rely on that money to pay for services like schools and hospitals; the services which play a vital role in tackling inequality and escaping poverty.

What’s worse is that governments across the world are letting corporate giants get away without paying their fair share.

Taxation in Paraguay

Paraguay’s tax system is insufficient to provide the resource base to eradicate poverty in the country, and has done little or nothing to achieve a more equal distribution of income and wea

Owning Development

In order to be able to find enough resources to ensure public services, such as education and health for all, poor countries need to raise more tax, and raise tax in ways that are progressive and f

Making Growth Inclusive

Growth is back on the development agenda, promoted by bilateral and multilateral donors, and the G20, as the most effective way to lift people out of poverty.

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