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World Food Programme (WFP) and USAID food distribution at Magunga IDP (internally displaced people) camp.

Atrocities are being committed against villagers in remote areas of Eastern
Congo, where fighting between the Congolese army and the FDLR rebel group

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Fifty year old Gulzaman sits beside his orphaned daughter in their home in Katuq village, Badakshan. Credit: Alixandra Fazzina/Oxfam

The planned troop surge in Afghanistan could see more Afghans suffering in the conflict unless international military forces prioritize the safety of civilians in all their operations.

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A young Afghan woman works with her mother collecting water and cleaning the house.

An intensification and spread of violence threatens to push parts of Afghanistan towards a serious humanitarian situation.

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Food distribution at Farchana Camp, 2004. Five years later some 180,000 displaced Chadian are entirely depending on humanitarian assistance. Credit: Jane Beesley/Oxfam

Civilians in Chad are still facing high levels of banditry and danger as the European force (EUFOR) hands over to a UN force later this week (Mar 15). Although the European troops made some civilians feel safer, the underlying security situation has not significantly improved.

Emergency Article

Since the breakout of Darfur crisis in 2004, eastern Chad has been an unstable and insecure area. Here is an update on the emergency programs Oxfam has set up there, and what needs to be done to protect civilians and humanitarians working there.

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Oxfam International's British affiliate - Oxfam GB - is appealing the Sudanese government's decision made on March 4 to revoke its registration to work in the north of the country.

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Oxfam GB urged the Government of Sudan to allow it to continue its vital humanitarian efforts, affecting hundreds of thousands of lives.

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Agency refutes Israeli foreign minister’s view as sewage pours onto the streets.

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Refugees who fled fighting between government soldiers and Tutsi insurgents watch UN peacekeepers patroling on a road in Kibati, about 16 miles north of the provincial capital of Goma, DRC. October 28, 2008. REUTERS/Stringer, courtesy www.alertnet.org

Fresh fighting in eastern Congo has displaced tens of thousands more people from their homes, international aid agency Oxfam said today (29 October 2008) as it called for urgent action to bring the region back from the brink.

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