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As the International AIDS Conference wrapped up today, international aid agency Oxfam praised the advocates and the scientists who have ignited momentum to shift from “fighting AIDS” to “ending AIDS,” and urged governments and the pharmaceutical industry to make this vision a reality.

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Despite commitment to end AIDS, the US government is introducing stronger intellectual property rules through trade agreements and bilateral pressure that will undermine the fight against AIDS by devastating the ability of developing countries to access affordable anti-retroviral medicines.

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Governments which have failed to pay their contributions to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis are guilty of breaking their own promise to extend HIV treatment just months after they made it, Oxfam said today.

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The eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were set out in 2000 and agreed to by the 192 member states of the United Nations. By signing up to these targets, governments of the world have committed to working to lift around 500 million people out of poverty by the year 2015.

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World leaders made no real commitments to ensure universal access to prevention, treatment and care for AIDS at this week's International AIDS conference in Vienna.

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HIV and AIDS women’s health advocates at the International AIDS Conference have criticized the lack of funding and policy support from international donors and governments for female condoms, which are a critical woman-initiated tool for fighting the HIV epidemic.

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As preparations for the world AIDS conference in Vienna get underway, world leaders must take steps to provide immediate access to HIV and AIDS treatment, care and prevention for the millions of poor people who need it.

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Love and sex are normal human needs for men and women, all over the world. But gender inequality makes sex very problematic. And women are often left to deal with the consequences of unsafe sex. This video explains how the female condom can help.

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