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There are some problems so big and so entrenched it is easy to believe they will never be solved. Hunger is one of these problems. Yet there is no problem so great it cannot be solved.

Press Release

An international verdict on the human cost of climate change will be delivered to world leaders, on behalf of over one and a half million people from 35 countries who have raised their voices at Oxfam-supported climate hearings in 2009.

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Today, the UN has a unique opportunity to change the face of healthcare for millions of mothers and children in poor countries across the world, by abolishing user fees.


Archbishop Desmond Tutu recorded a special message to all the UN member states calling on them to support an Arms Trade Treaty. The Control Arms campaigns team were tasked with delivering the messages to the 192 missions around Manhattan using rickshaw and runner!

Desmond Tutu speaks at the Pan-African Climate Hearing
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