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Habiba Warsame, a herder in Somaliland, says she can’t remember when things were so bad. Credit: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

November rains that were expected to ease the hunger crisis in East Africa have failed yet again in some of the worst hit areas. Millions of people face at least another six months of hunger and destitution.

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People queuing to collect food at an Oxfam feeding program in Mbare, Harare, Zimbabwe. Oxfam has partnered with the UN World Food Program to deliver food aid to 253,000 individuals over the next 6 months. Credit: Robin Hammond/Oxfam

The international aid agency, Oxfam, has cautiously welcomed steps in Zimbabwe to form a government of national unity. Now the new government must urgently address the combined humanitarian crisis of cholera epidemic and more than half the population being in need of food aid.

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Zimbabwe has entered its peak hunger period with more than half the population now dependent on food aid. The situation could rapidly worsen as vulnerable households are set to receive smaller food rations this month because of funding shortfalls.

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More then 300,000 people already seriously weakened by lack of food are in grave danger from the cholera epidemic currently sweeping Zimbabwe, said international aid agency Oxfam today. The Zimbabwean government's declaration of a national health emergency will hopefully spur international donors.

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The government of Zimbabwe should declare the current cholera epidemic a national health emergency, international aid agency Oxfam said today, so that urgent national and international aid can be mobilized to address the outbreak.

About 75 people a week—most of them children—come to the rural Kabimba health clinic in Democratic Republic of Congo for treatment for a variety of illnesses, including malaria and cholera. Credit: Liz Lucas/Oxfam America

Outbreaks of cholera are just one of the consequences of Congo's underinvestment in everything from roads to health clinics to clean water.

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