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The US government’s plans to give every State a veto over a crucial arms trade treaty must be rejected by the British government as US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband are set to meet.

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President Obama's leadership has succeeded in setting a new tone that has instilled hope.... Now it is most urgent that the US and all nations work together to secure a better future.

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Refugee mother and child, Amnabak camp. Credit: Helen Palmer/Oxfam

World Refugee Day was established in 2000 by the United Nations General Assembly. The first event was held in 2001 to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees.

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Dressed in colourful shawls, women walk out in the early evening at an IDP camp based in the grounds of Takht Bhai's technical college. Credit: Alixandra Fazzina/ Oxfam

A group of nine major international aid agencies said today that their aid effort of reaching over 1 million victims of the fighting in Swat valley of Pakistan was under threat due to a lack of funds. The agencies face a shortfall in excess of $42m.


Since the end of the Cold War, the number of armed conflicts in the world has fallen. But is this trend now about to be reversed?


When communities get caught in the cross-fire, they suffer. Innocent lives are lost. People are forced to flee from their homes. Living a normal life becomes impossible.

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Etienne Hakizimana (left), his daughter Christian Tuamini (center, age 12), and his wife Dusabe Dukundane, in their family run shop in Magunga IDP camp in Goma. Credit: Liz Lucas/Oxfam America

The major shift in global power provides an opportunity to protect all civilians from genocide and other atrocities, said international agency Oxfam in a new report published today.

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