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Women cocoa farmer. Photo: Oxfam

After more than 65,000 people took action to urge chocolate companies to do the right thing for women cocoa farmers, Mars and Nestle have made commitments to begin to tackle the inequality faced by women in their cocoa supply chains.

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Photo: Maria Daniel, a female cocoa farmer in Nigeria. George Osodi/Panos

An investigation into four countries where Mars, Mondelez and Nestle purchase cocoa has shown that many women farmers face discrimination, unequal pay and hunger, leaving the companies’ social policies exposed as weak and needing work.

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The companies that make your favorite chocolate bars are not doing much to support the women who grow and pick cocoa for them. You can change this.

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Use your consumer power to go behind the brands.

The social and environmental policies of the world’s ten biggest food and beverage giants are not fit for modern purpose and need a major shake-up.

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Representatives of Unilever and Oxfam GB in Thailand. Credit: Unilever/Oxfam

Unilever, in partnership with Oxfam, announced the launch of a program to enhance women’s livelihoods in three southern border provinces in Thailand.


Desperate to fix the broken food system? Got a burning question about Oxfam’s GROW campaign? Then find out the answer here in our FAQs.

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