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This stunt highlights essential issues (health and education) that weren't addressed sufficiently in the G8 agenda.

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We've gone into the Oxfam photo archive to put together these images and stories from our work, to highlight the issues we'll be pushing the G8 on this year.

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Girls in Taboye school working from one of the text books bought by Oxfam and its partner ADESAH. Credit: Crispin Hughes/Oxfam

The goal of education for all Malian children by 2015 is still more a dream than a reality, despite indisputable improvements in the delivery of education in the country. This photo story gives you a glimpse into what schooling is like in Mali today.

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Anwarul Islam has not been able to find suitable work or employment since he lost his job in a garment factory well over a month ago. He left his native Bangladesh four years ago to pursue a better paid job.

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Colegio Bandera del Perú. Credit: Oxfam

As the rebuilding effort continues after the August 15 earthquake in Peru, parents and their children are now struggling to restart the school year in Pisco. Emergency classrooms built by Oxfam International help students get back to school.

Pupils organise the new library. Credit: Oxfam

To support the educational needs of the students in the school, this community expressed the need for a library, where their children could get access to various books. They made available a room, while FAWE with support from Oxfam provided further supplies.

Children at Kalaivani M.V. Kurukkalmadam School. Credit: Toos Bierhoff/Oxfam

Oxfam Australia is working with local partner Rural United Foundation of Deniyaya (RUFD) to redress the situation of many children in poor tea states in Sri Lanka. Street theatre is helping children access mainstream schools for the first time.

Arthur Abrahamyan. Credit: Oxfam

Arthur Abrahamyan was among the first beneficiaries who joined Oxfam Health Schemes in 1999. In addition, Oxfam provided basic construction materials to help them renovate the roof and the floor of the old house that he was provided.

Local farmers proudly show their harvest. Credit: Gilvan Barreto/Oxfam

Arcadio Pacheco has reason to be proud. When he looks at his land, he sees it full of vegetables and flush with good irrigation systems. Things have changed a lot in La Mohaga in western Honduras.

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