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Press Release
G20 must forge a new Seoul Development Consensus. Photo: Oxfam / OBOS 2010

World leaders have an historic opportunity to reform the global economy to ensure that the one in six people who live in extreme poverty benefit from economic recovery, international agency Oxfam said today ahead of the G20 summit in Seoul.

South Africa’s health and social service system is unable to meet demands, so local organizations like Pholo Modi Wa Sechaba are working to fill the crucial gaps. Credit: Brett Eloff/Oxfam America

Local organizations help people with HIV and AIDS learn to live positively.

About 75 people a week—most of them children—come to the rural Kabimba health clinic in Democratic Republic of Congo for treatment for a variety of illnesses, including malaria and cholera. Credit: Liz Lucas/Oxfam America

Outbreaks of cholera are just one of the consequences of Congo's underinvestment in everything from roads to health clinics to clean water.

HIV test at an Oxfam-supported organisation in Phalaborwa, South Africa. Credit: Gcina Ndwalene/Oxfam Australia

In South Africa, the government offers a disability grant which HIV-positive patients can apply for. However, reliance on the grants means recipients have sometimes been willing to take risks with their health to ensure continued eligibility.

Campaign article
Fatouma Sadou, obstetrician nurse, Angsongo, Mali.

Fatouma Sadou is an obstetrician nurse at the district hospital in Angsongo, Mali. She is determined to succeed against the odds.

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