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The role of Honorary President is currently not filled. Mary Robinson served as Oxfam's honorary president from 2002 until she stepped down in 2012.

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As the Deauville Summit comes to a close, international aid agency Oxfam warned that the G8 is losing credibility by showing no real decision-making in its Communiqué.

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Oxfam condemns the use of excessive force and violence against protesters by the Syrian security forces, which has already led to many hundreds of deaths.

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Climate tribunals are giving a voice to those most affected and exploring how governments and corporations could be held accountable through the law.

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A woman (identity hidden) lies on the bed in a small room in Goma used as a safe haven for women survivors of sexual assault. Credit: Liz Lucas/Oxfam America

An Oxfam-commissioned survey reveals that sixty percent of rape victims were gang raped. More than half of the assaults took place in their own homes. There has also been a shocking increase in the number of civilian rapists.

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Climate Hearings: 1.5 Million People, 36 Countries. Credit: Oxfam

Desmond Tutu and Mary Robinson delivered a global verdict on the human cost of climate change today. The judgment was passed at the world’s first international climate hearing during Humanitarian Day at the Copenhagen UN Climate Summit.

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International agency Oxfam today welcomed the prestigious Human Rights Award given to the South African HIV and AIDS organization the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung/ Foundation.

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The local Doctor in the Tiny village of Anjuman examines a 2 week old baby. The clinic was built by a French NGO. Up here there is no support from the ISAF for medical supplies. Afghanistan. Credit: Travis Beard/ Argus

Ordinary Afghans blame government weakness and corruption as the second most important factor behind the fighting, with the Taliban coming third, followed by interference by neighboring countries.

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The Pacific Route of Women March. Santiago Aguirre Sánchez

International aid agency Oxfam today called for “zero-tolerance” toward sexual violence committed by all armed groups in Colombia. Thousands of women have been raped and sexually abused during the armed conflict, but the vast majority of perpetrators are not held to account for their crimes.

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