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Press Release
Nelmo Ramos coffee producer (Olopa, Guatemala). Photo: Saul Martinez/Oxfam

Countries across the world must play their fair part in cutting emissions if we are to reduce the harmful impacts of climate change on global food supply, worldwide development organization Oxfam warns today.

Campaign article
People fleeing floods in India, August 2012. Photo: Oxfam

Today, the world’s top scientists published a devastating report on the impacts of climate change. These activists, renowned chefs, musicians and celebrities have joined Oxfam calling for action on climate change and hunger now.

Press Release
Salma, pregnant, faces food shortages due to local flooding. Photo: Dan Chung

Climate change will leave families caught in a vicious spiral of falling incomes, rising food prices, and declining quality of food, leading to a devastating impact on the health of millions.

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