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Fishing boats destroyed in Gaza. Credit:  Mohammed Abed/Oxfam

Gaza's fishermen have been struggling to make a living for years. Restrictions on their movement and livelihoods have taken a heavy toll, and the latest escalation in violence has only made things worse.

Campaign article
Kiboga leaders signing a final agreement with the New Forests Company in Uganda.

In September 2011, Oxfam profiled a land deal in Uganda in which villagers were being evicted to make way for timber plantations. 

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Oxfam boat launch in San Jose, Tacloban

Typhoon Haiyan was one of the most powerful storms to ever make landfall. Six months after the storm hit the Philippines, life for villagers on Bantayan Island in Cebu province remains a struggle.

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Photo: Oxfam

Increasing pressure on land and other natural resources in Darfur is adding fuel to the fire of ethnic tensions in the region.

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Virginia Ñuñonca, 54, lives in the highlands of Peru. Photo: Percy Ramírez/Oxfam

Climate change is the single biggest threat to our chances of winning the fight against hunger. Stories from around the world, where farmers and families are fighting back to adapt to the changing climate, to protect their crops and livestock.

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The Gharab family  inside a one room house, Abreen. Photo: Simon Tarling/Oxfam

A new survey of more than 1500 people has given one of the clearest pictures yet of the harsh economic struggle facing refugees who have fled from Syria to Lebanon.

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