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Angeela Wassel and Freshta, representatives from Afghanistan where the We Can Campaign hadn't yet been officially launched. Credit Annie Bungeroth/Oxfam

Sitting on the floor of her shop, Alam carefully measures out a kilo of wheat for her neighbor. With help from Oxfam and other women in her village, Alam started her own small business six months ago.

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This year, eight women from around the world will join together to fight for health and education in their own countries.

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Rokeya Kabir is the convener of the My Rights campaign in Bangladesh: a national platform that puts pressure on the government to ensure primary education for all children. Credit: Mahmud Map

Eight women from poor countries around the world, uniting as the “W8”, today demanded that G8 leaders take action to prevent the deaths of half a million women every year in childbirth.

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Mohammed Kamara (40) cares for his two sons and his wife's sister's child, Ibrahim Tarawallie (3). Credit: Aubrey Wade/Oxfam

Sierra Leone has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. Investment in maternal health and improvements in the efficiency of spending could help save lives.

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A women sleeps beside her new born baby. Photo: Alixandra Fazzina/Oxfam

In Afghanistan, a woman dies every 27 minutes thanks to pregnancy-related complications.

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Having almost died in child birth, nineteen year old Harakat is in great pain as she lies on her burka at Faizabad Maternity Hospital. Credit: Alixandra Fazzina/Oxfam

When the UN meets this week to discuss the Millennium Development Goals maternal mortality will be high on the agenda. The target to cut the rate by three quarters by 2015 is the most severely off-track of all the MDGs.

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