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The World Development Indicators report released today by the World Bank shows that sub-Saharan Africa is off-target, overall, on all Millennium Development Goals. It lays bare the human cost of rich countries' failure to deliver on their aid promises.

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A sand storm in Darfur. It is possible to travel for hundreds of kilometres without seeing a single hospital or health clinic. Schools, too, are few and far between. Credit: Adrian McIntyre/Oxfam

The 2009 overseas aid figures released today by the OECD show that rich countries are failing to deliver on their promises to poorer countries. The amount of aid has fallen by $3.5 billion when compared with last year’s prices.

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Broken and makeshift desks and chairs in a classroom at at D. Twe Memorial High School (MCSS) in New Kru Town, Liberia. Credit: Aubrey Wade/Oxfam GB

A group of powerful women from the front-line in the fight against poverty have appealed to European leaders to ensure health and education for all people by rescuing the Millennium Development Goals.

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A boy is showing some potatoes. Credit: Agata Skowronek/Oxfam

The theme of this year's ACTUA international short film festival is poverty. Have a look at all the winning short films.

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Two piles of rice illustrating the effect of the 2008 food crisis in Cambodia. A small pile shows how your money buys after, a larger pile how much it would buy before the crisis. Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

Monday’s UN World Food Summit in Rome (16-18th) could be a waste of time and money unless world leaders intervene now to salvage it. International agencies ActionAid and Oxfam say governments are at risk of throwing away a great chance to stop more than one billion people going hungry.

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Young girl transports food in Nigeria. Credit: Carlo Heathcote/Oxfam

Half the world’s food is lost as waste and a billion people – one in every six of the world’s poorest – cannot access enough of the other half and so go hungry every day. Our leaders have another chance to put that right.

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A new Oxfam report has today warned that at least 4.5 million children could die unless world leaders deliver additional funds to help poor countries fight the growing impact of climate change, rather than diverting it from existing aid promises.

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