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As citizens around the world witness the events which unfolded in Egypt on Friday February 11, Oxfam congratulates the Egyptian people and expresses its admiration and respect for all those who persisted in their call for freedom and democracy in a courageous and peaceful manner.

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Somalia is suffering its worst drought in years and failed rains are already devastating half a million lives, international aid agency Oxfam warned today. An ongoing conflict in the country together with the drought has pushed hundreds of thousands of Somalis beyond their ability to cope.

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Arms traffickers can too easily navigate the patchwork of national arms regulations, fuelling conflict while avoiding arrest and extradition, because of the lack of global regulation of the arms trade.

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Over half of the people do not have access to clean drinking water.

Southern Sudan will face enormous challenges and will need long-term support from the rest of the world regardless of the outcome of this week’s referendum. The vote could create the world’s newest country, which would also be home to some of the world’s poorest people.

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The international community needs to act to prevent another Christmas massacre and the almost daily killing sprees by the most brutal and long-running rebel group in Africa said aid agencies in a new report released today.

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Tens of thousands of people will remain without life-saving aid unless the UN mission in Congo steps up its presence in areas brutalized by the Lords Resistance Army (LRA), Oxfam warned today.

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On July 20, world leaders will meet to discuss the future of Afghanistan at the Kabul Conference. Oxfam asked ordinary Afghans what they want to come out of the talks.

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A young man buys a generator that would allow him to suplly electricity to his house. Daily power cuts in Gaza are forcing Palestinians to resort to cheap generators to somehow go on with their daily lives. Credit: Karl Schembri/Oxfam

Oxfam condemns Monday’s attack on the aid flotilla that resulted in the killing of a number of passengers and it links the tragedy to the failure of Israel and the international community to lift the three year blockade on the Gaza Strip.

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