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Mehnatobod village - Shifo (young girl) in the cotton fields. Credit:Karen Robinson/Oxfam International.

New Oxfam report "Reaching Tipping Point" says retreating glaciers and more extreme weather could dangerously erode food security, livelihoods and even regional stability by 2050 in Tajikistan.

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A boy is showing some potatoes. Credit: Agata Skowronek/Oxfam

The theme of this year's ACTUA international short film festival is poverty. Have a look at all the winning short films.

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This is the first ever international climate hearing and it took place inside the conference centre at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen. Former Irish President and UN High Commissioner summerises the hearing and gives the official verdict.

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Malawian artist Innocent Willinga painted this canvas, entitled 'Green Future', to illustrate climate change impacts on rural communities. It was the centerpiece of a powerful display of paintings at the UN climate change conference at Poznan in Poland.

The G20 should take urgent action to protect poor countries from economic crisis that is forcing 100 people-a-minute into poverty, Oxfam said today. Developing countries across the globe are struggling to respond to the global recession.

Press Release
People collecting water from water kiosk. Saman Village, Wajir. Credit: Jane Beesley/Oxfam

Kenya is facing a new urban timebomb, with millions of Nairobi residents suffering a daily struggle for food and water as the divide between rich and poor widens, international aid agency Oxfam warned in a new report today.

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