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Children play in a riverbed filled with refuse in Cité Soleil, Haiti’s largest shanty-town. The poverty of those living there is exacerbated by extreme unsanitary conditions and lack of access to basic services. Credit: Caroline Irby/Oxfam

Ahead of a crucial meeting in New York next week to assess the state of the world’s fight against global poverty, international agency Oxfam called on world leaders to redouble their efforts to fight the impact of rising food and fuel prices.

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The Oxfam G8 Big Heads display balloons representing the amount of carbon their countries emit per capita. Note who's floating. Credit: Emily Subden/ Oxfam

The G8 played down the effects of biofuels on food inflation 'like discussing the Titanic but not mentioning the iceberg.'

Press Release

A number of Oxfam’s high profile ambassadors called on G8 leaders to urgently respond to global poverty challenges, starting with a boost in funds for climate change, the food crisis and development aid.

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