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A family cooks a meager meal of “Garasa”, Jamam camp, Sudan. Photo:Alun McDonald

Seasonal rains due in Sudan and South Sudan will exacerbate already dire conditions in refugee camps, restrict travel and access, and heighten the risk of disease, a group of leading humanitarian agencies warned today.

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International agency Oxfam today warned that sanctions imposed on Mali could have devastating consequences on 3.5m people already at risk of hunger, if humanitarian needs are not safeguarded.

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Malians in a refugee cam, Nema, Mauritania. Photo: Xavier Codony/Oxfam

Growing insecurity in Mali and northern Nigeria is disrupting the supply of food to communities suffering from a major food crisis affecting 13 million people in West Africa, said international aid agency Oxfam today.

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Six months since South Sudan’s independence, the world’s newest nation is struggling to cope with a major refugee crisis and massive internal displacement, international agency Oxfam said today.

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Oxfam, Danish refugee Council (DRC) and Care, warn that a humanitarian crisis of significant proportions remains six months after the resolution of the political stand-off in Cote d'Ivoire.

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Oxfam Humanitarian Press Officer Anna Ridout reports on the ongoing East Africa food crisis from the Dadaab refugee complex, in northeastern Kenya. Oxfam is working in Dadaab, laying pipelines and trucking in clean water for residents of the refugee complex.

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