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One month after the floods first reached disastrous levels in Pakistan, the waters continue to rise. Many areas are still cut off and millions of people are in desperate need of immediate help. Reconstruction efforts must begin immediately to avoid devastating long-term consequences for the country.

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A number of organizations have recently published an open letter to Oxfam executives expressing their concern over Oxfam’s stance on transgenic crops. The Oxfam International confederation – including Oxfam America – does not support GMOs as the solution to hunger, poverty and development.

Press Release
River life on Char Atra, Bangladesh. The island is experiencing deeper and longer lasting floods due to climate change. Credit: Dan Chung

The world’s most climate vulnerable countries must work together in international climate negotiations or the needs of the one billion people they represent risk being ignored, concluded a summit of international civil society in Dhaka this week.

Coffee Ceremony in Werka, Yirgacheffe. Credit: Oxfam

Oxfam invests in eco-friendly coffee processing, and helps farmers grow a world-class crop.

Meingatu Nesayo separating sheep that have just returned to Noomunye. Credit: Geoff Sayer/Oxfam

In late 2006, 1,000 pastoralist households were evicted by the Government in Southern Tanzania abitrarily. The Joint Oxfam Livelihoods Initiative in Tanzania and its allies in the Pastoralism and Land Group instituted a campaign.

Rose Juwawo with her livestock. Rose is a beneficiary of Balaka Sustainable Livelihood. Credit: Debbie Yazbek/Oxfam

Eight years ago, Rose Juwawo, from Balaka, in Malawi, received a goat through an Oxfam livelihoods program. Here, she tells how that goat has transformed her family’s life.

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