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Close-up of medicines. Photo: Toby Adamson/Oxfam

Despite commitment to end AIDS, the US government is introducing stronger intellectual property rules through trade agreements and bilateral pressure that will undermine the fight against AIDS by devastating the ability of developing countries to access affordable anti-retroviral medicines.

Press Release
Rice farmers harvesting in Astuare. Credit Chris Young

World trade rules will not be reformed in the interests of poor countries despite this month’s G8+5’s commitment to finalize the stagnant Doha trade talks by 2010.

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Rice farmers harvesting in  Astuare, Ghana. Credit: Chris Young/Oxfam

For millions of farmers like Al-Hassan across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, growing rice is their only hope for getting out of poverty. However, cheap imports are undermining their prospects of a better life.

Press Release

The global food crisis needs a wide-ranging plan to resolve it...

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