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Families living with minimal shelter, Pakistan. Photo: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

International agency Oxfam today called on rich countries and institutions, meeting for the third time in as many months to discuss flood-ravaged Pakistan, to end the talking and start giving the substantial funds needed to help save lives and start to rebuild the country.

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Pakistan pays 44% of all taxes it collects repaying its debts, and hands over around 3 times more on debt than it spends on healthcare every year. Act now: tell the world’s Finance Ministers to drop Pakistan’s debt.

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The World Development Indicators report released today by the World Bank shows that sub-Saharan Africa is off-target, overall, on all Millennium Development Goals. It lays bare the human cost of rich countries' failure to deliver on their aid promises.

Press Release
Members of an Ethiopian cereal bank supported by Oxfam show a sampling of the corn they have been able to save. Credit: Sara Livingston/Oxfam America

The UN could drastically reduce the 24,000 deaths occurring daily around the world from hunger-related causes, provided countries agree that it coordinates all the different initiatives to fight hunger.

Press Release

The World Bank’s new assessment on the scale of finance needed to help developing countries adapt to the unavoidable impacts of climate change – $75-100bn per year on average from 2010-2050 – is a vital and timely contribution to the current climate negotiations under way in Bangkok.

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