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The rich world's response to the global food crisis has been inadequate and at times hypocritical. World leaders must set out a plan for a much more comprehensive response at the G8 in Japan this week.

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Cotton processed at the Cañete-Mala Processing Plant owned by ANPAL (Nati: onal Association of Cotton Producers). Credit: Renato Guimarães/Oxfam

RTAs are being negotiated between rich countries and poor countries, and deals are being pushed through at unreasonable pace and with unfair rules, leaving poor countries without the time or the space to develop the best trade policies for their people.

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Women workers in a plum packing line, Chile. Credit: Toby Adamson/Oxfam

Trade generates incredible wealth, and links the lives of everyone on the planet. However, millions of people in poor countries are losing out because the rules controlling trade heavily favour the rich nations that set the rules.

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