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Syrian refugees in Northern Lebanon, reminisce on how they celebrated Eid - the festival that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan - back home. They reflect on how much they've lost, but also how lucky they feel compared to other refugees living in even more dire circumstances.

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Football tournament breaks down barriers in Palestinian refugee camp of Baqa'a, Jordan

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Children attend an event organized by Oxfam and partner organization Utopia

A nursery school in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, has continued to run classes for Syrian and Lebanese children despite being on the front line of a long-running conflicts.

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50% of those surveyed reported difficulties in accessing basic services

What does it feel like to be a refugee, forced to flee to an unfamiliar country and dependent on humanitarian assistance to survive? In order to improve our own service delivery and communication with refugees, Oxfam set out to better understand the ways in which Syrian refugees in Jordan experience the international humanitarian response.

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