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Salama and her daughter Eaman, Yemen. Credit: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

The hunger crisis in Yemen, which affects almost one out of every two Yemeni citizens, and is putting nearly one million children at risk of severe malnutrition, must be addressed immediately.

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Millions of the world’s poorest people will face devastation from today’s rocketing food prices because the global food system is fatally flawed and policy-makers can’t find the courage to fix it. Developing countries are bracing themselves for the worst.

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Saenda and her children. Photo: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

Tens of thousands of people will be left without aid in Yemen’s hunger crisis unless more money is urgently given to the aid effort, Oxfam and Islamic Relief warned today. Nearly a quarter of the population are in need of emergency aid to survive because they do not have enough food to eat.

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Some 10 million people – 44 percent of the population of Yemen – do not have enough food to eat. Oxfam’s Caroline Gluck reports on the worsening humanitarian situation there.

Young girl waits in line at Oxfam's cash distribution. Photo: Wolfgang Gressmann

Millions of people in Yemen are facing a severe humanitarian crisis, widespread hunger and chronic malnutrition. Oxfam is providing water, sanitation, hygiene and cash grants to some of the worst affected.

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Distribution of identity cards by Oxfam staff, Yemen March 2012. Photo: Wolfgang

Yemen is on the brink of a catastrophic food crisis, seven aid agencies said today (23 May 2012) with 10 million people – 44 percent of the population – without enough food to eat.  The aid agencies warned that malnutrition rates recorded by the UN in some parts of the country were alarming, with one in three children severely malnourished.

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