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Health activists in Chennai, India, 2007. Credit: Vidyadhar Sreeprasad/Oxfam

Pharmaceutical giant Novartis is back in court this week, in a renewed attempt to block India’s right to produce affordable ‘generic’ versions of the company’s branded medicines.

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Following a rapid assessment, Oxfam India is responding to unprecedented floods which have affected 2.4 million people and displaced half a million people so far in Assam.

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Photo of Svetlana Arkhipova in her vegetable garden

These case studies provide interesting insight on the situation in five emerging economies on key issues of food security, climate change and energy access and how Oxfam and partners are campaigning for change.

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Oxfam today calls for greater scrutiny and control of the funding for development channeled through financial intermediaries such as private equity funds, banks and credit agencies.

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On the eve of a high-level summit between the leaders of India and the European Union in Delhi, Oxfam is calling on the EU not to pressure India into agreeing new trade rules that could deny hundreds of millions of people access to affordable medicines.

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Today, hundreds of millions of people don't get enough food to eat. Using examples from India we find out the reasons why we all need to fix the system which supplies the world with food, and the changes that can be made to ensure everyone has enough to eat.


With the help of the Aaroh campaign, women in Uttar Pradesh are gaining recognition as farmers so that they own agricultural land and access institutional credit, new technologies and government programs.

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