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Press Release

Ahead of a high level Global Partnership for Education (GPE) meeting in Copenhagen today, Oxfam has called for rich country donors and the World Bank to put money on the table for basic education.

Campaign article
Pontoon boat.

The Zambia general elections will be held on 20 September to elect a president and representatives to the National Assembly. Civil society organizations in Zambia have identified the elections as an opportunity to ensure key health issues are a priority during the upcoming elections.

Davy Libongani. Credit: Nina Mukubesa/Oxfam

Well-regarded by fellow villagers because of his building skills, bricklayer Davy Libongani was nominated to become a Private Service Provider and to work on Oxfam’s water and sanitation project in the district.

Credit: Nina Mukubesa/Oxfam

Chief Kandala is a traditional leader in Mabumbu chiefdom, an area where people saw open defecation as an acceptable practice. After being trained in Community Led Total Sanitation, he is eager to use his new skills and his influence to improve the chiefdom's sanitation.

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