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A major health insurance scheme in Ghana that the World Bank is pushing as a success model for other developing countries is severely flawed and not working for most Ghanaians, according to a new report by international agency Oxfam and Ghanaian NGOs.

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In 2008, Ghana made healthcare free for pregnant women, partly thanks to foreign aid money. These photos show how this has already helped hundreds of thousands of women – and what else aid can achieve.

Press Release
Nurse, Margaret Ganga, takes the blood pressure of Grace Banda, who had a caesarian section after difficulties during labour at Bwalia 'Bottom' Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi. Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

Failure to provide free public healthcare in poor countries means that millions of people are paying with their lives, according to a research report published today by a group of 62 NGOs and health unions.


Oxfam, together with WaterAid UK and local partner Rural Aid, is working to improve access to water and sanitation facilities in Eastern Ghana...

Press Release
Rice farmers of the Single Mothers' Association (SMA) rice processing project in Zuarungu, near Bolgatanga, which is funded by Oxfam GB. Credit: Chris Young

Millions of Africans live in extreme poverty, and are now hit hard by the global economic and climate crisis. Sub-Saharan Africa alone is expecting losses of up to $245 billion this year as a result of the global slump, which is almost seven times the amount it receives in global aid.

Jamila Yakubu (6) and her sister. Photo: Helen Palmer/Oxfam

Primary education for all is within reach in Ghana but help from rich countries is needed.

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