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Ten leading aid agencies today called for a 'surge' in the humanitarian effort to help 10 million people at risk of acute hunger across the Sahel region of West and Central Africa.

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Irregular rains in 2009 have led to a severe lack of pasture, water and a poor harvest in Niger. Oxfam is distributing food and supplies and buying weak livestock from herders at above market levels.

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The lack of rain is forcing herders to travel further to find pasture, in the outskirts of Douziat (North Guéra), Chad. The animals are weak and they are beginning to die. Credit: Cristina Vázquez Moreno/Oxfam

International aid agency Oxfam welcomes the European Commission’s new aid package of 24 million euros for Niger and other countries in the Sahel region of West Africa, which was announced today in Brussels.

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Local Dakaro children both work and play in the field next to Oxfam's office - during the 2005 food security crisis in Niger. Credit: Carlo Heathcote/Oxfam

Almost 10 million people across the Sahel region of West Africa are threatened with a severe food shortage. Oxfam calls for urgent response to warning signs.

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Kenyans families seeking shelter, as their homes have just collapsed from the rains and flooding. Credit: KONATE Sosthene, Intermon Oxfam

The water and sanitation expertise of Oxfam International and its partners will be central to its humanitarian operating strategy for the West African populations hit by flooding over the past week.

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