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Baaba Maal sees the West Africa food crisis firsthand. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

In Baaba Maal’s new role as Oxfam Ambassador he urged the world to respond to the food crisis in West and Central Africa before it is too late, having just returned from visiting communities in Senegal.

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DearG8: what's your plan to end the vicious cycle of hunger and poverty?

On the eve of the G8 Summit, international agency Oxfam called on world leaders heading to Camp David to make predictable, measureable funding and policy commitments that will help 50 million people lift themselves out of poverty through sustainable, small-scale agriculture by 2015.

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A Women's Association cultivating their field in Rwanda. Photo: Ami Vitale/Oxfam

The Guidelines on Land, Fisheries and Forests delivered today by the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) are a first essential step but there’s still a long road ahead before peoples’ rights to land, fisheries and forests are fully recognized and respected.

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A group of leading international humanitarian, development, social justice, environmental, and workers’ organisations today warned that next month’s UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) looks set to add almost nothing to global efforts to deliver sustainable development.

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Food prices are a matter of life and death to many in the developing world. This video by Oxfam Germany illustrates the consequences of excessive speculation with food commodities.

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Hadiza Mazou receives her cash payment, village of Bermo, Niger. Photo: Fatoumat

Millions of people across the Sahel will be left hungry in the coming months unless multi-million dollar funding shortage for crisis response is filled, aid agencies warn.

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