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People across the world are changing what they eat because of the rising cost of food according to a new global survey released today as part of the GROW campaign. Agriculture Ministers from the G20 countries are meeting in France next week and will discuss the global food price crisis.

Pasta bake. Photo: MinimalistPhotography101.com/Flickr

Think you know what’s cooking in Kenya? Or what’s on your plate in Pakistan? How about what’s for breakfast in Brazil? Oxfam's global food survey reveals the world's favorite foods.


Many people are seeing the need for a new approach to our global food system, and have provided their messages of support for Oxfam's new campaign GROW: Food.Life.Planet

Press Release

There are some problems so big and so entrenched it is easy to believe they will never be solved. Hunger is one of these problems. Yet there is no problem so great it cannot be solved.

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Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal introduces GROW, Oxfam's new campaign for better ways to grow, share and live together, to help build a future where everyone always has enough to eat.

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