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Soon, climate change will affect what all of us can eat

Food and Climate Justice

Why climate change is making people hungry

Wild weather and unpredictable seasons are changing what farmers can grow and is making people hungry. Food prices are going up. Food quality is going down. Soon, climate change will affect what all of us can eat.

That’s why we’re calling on governments and big businesses to stop climate change making people hungry – and why we need you to take action.

Join us and people around the world as we demand action from governments and big businesses to cut emissions, to help farmers deal with changing weather and make sure there’s enough good food for us all.

Together, we can win the fight against hunger.

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How people are already fighting back

As temperatures rise, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and more severe. Farmers are struggling to cope. And nearly a billion of the world’s poorest people – people who did the least to cause climate change – are finding it even harder to feed their families.

From adapting to changing weather in South America to cooking smart in Europe, millions of people around the world are already taking action on climate change in their own lives.

Photo Gallery - How communities are adapting to the impact of climate change on food around the world

At Oxfam, we’re already working around the world to respond. We’re helping farmers in Thailand build irrigation and drainage systems so crops can thrive during droughts and long rainy seasons. We’re supporting farmers in Malawi to rotate crops based on weather patterns. We’re working with coastal farmers in Vietnam to plant mangroves to protect against storm waves.

But the world is not adequately prepared to deal with the impacts of climate change. So we need meaningful action now from governments and big businesses.

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